» Dental Tourism

Unique features a dental spa service, where a great number of procedures are performed in a single day or a few days. The procedures are planned in advance and are conducted by a multidisciplinary team, making treatment time faster. This service is ideal for patients who travel from distant places (even from abroad) and who wish to have dental treatments done by qualified professionals. Another advantage is the cost​​ in Brazil in relation to the other countries, which can be up to four times more expensive than here.

With this modern concept of dental tourism, patients from Brazil and abroad may experience dental treatments while enjoing Florianópolis, surrounded by natural beauty, internationally renowned beaches and unique attractions, giving the patient unforgettable memories.

» Services at the Unique dental spa

One of the most important qualities of Unique, is the qualification of its professionals. The clinic has specialized professionals in all areas of dentistry and can offer a wide range of treatments in one convenient location.

Partnership with Hotel
The Unique Dental Clinic has a partnership with São José Ibis Hotel, close to the clinic.

Take full advantage of your time
Patients requiring a dental spa need quick and efficient solutions for their dental problems. Through planning, the multidisciplinary team aproach, and the use of the most advanced techniques in the dentistry field, patients have a professional structure to have dental treatments done quickly, safely and effectively.

Dental operating room
Fully equipped and safe to perform any surgical procedure. The Dental operating room were carefully planned and have the latest equipment.

Recovery Room
A peaceful and pleasant space, the recovery room is specially designed to receive patients after surgical procedures.

Unique adheres to the highest hygiene standards, with an area for the equipment sterilization, and air filtering and renewal systems in all closed environments, and it also complies with all the requirements of the health codes.

An air-conditioned environment with TV and internet acess, and everything to make your stay more pleasant in the clinic.

The building has parking, a food-court and restricted access.

Unique has all you need in a Dental Spa. Contact us by email or phone to get more details on this unique service.

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